Welcome to Pilates Alchemy

We are all capable of ease of movement. Whether you are recuperating from an injury, suffering from chronic pain, or just want to be in better shape, Pilates Alchemy will fulfill your desire for a more fit, vital and dynamic body and much more.

In the early 20th century, in the midst of a challenging and sickly childhood, a boy by the name of Joe Pilates committed himself to physical fitness and well-being. Through his devoted studies of movement - including yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, boxing and a careful observation of nature - he planted the seeds for what eventually would have the power to heal himself and subsequently many others. Eventually he developed a workout regimen that included a series of specific exercises, using the body alone as well as with the assistance of equipment that he created. Although Joe Pilates died in 1967, at the ripe old age of 87, his vision lives on over 80 years after he first started teaching it, and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

With a steady practice of the Pilates Method you will notice a definite change in your health, your attitude and ... you will be inspired! I promise! How? By the only way we learn something new. Practice is the way we activate theory and embody it. If you've ever learned how to ride a bike, play an instrument or even drive a car -- you know the truth of this. Once you experience the basic principles required, success will be achieved. With the help of a steady Pilates practice, greater physical awareness becomes available and with that, the opportunity to transform your life. The capacity to feel how you can support yourself without pain is a life-enhancing opportunity. As you deepen your core strength it will radiate through you physically, emotionally and mentally.

There is a magical quality that is an innate part of a Pilates practice. With the 6 necessary principles of steady and supported breath, focused concentration, and movement delivered with control, precision, flow and centeredness, you catalyze your own well-being, peace of mind, stronger body and ease of movement! This is the alchemy that Pilates offers. With the guidance of a good teacher, so much of this and more can be achieved.

With the classical, direct-lineage approach laid out by Joe Pilates as her guide, and informed by her own extensive experience and awakened body wisdom, Christina Fanizzi takes these principles and formulates a workout that is ideal for YOU!

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